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F-CARTOON fACE-2This is Frank!

What exactly is my game?



FranksGame.com is my own unique compilation of:


  • My Artwork
  • MND items to purchase for yourself and your friends
  • The actual home of MND characters, yes Burt lives here!
  • Links to fun and interesting sites
  • Areas to share our comments, thoughts, yours and mine…..

You’ll find my illustrations and cartoons throughout the site. I really hope you enjoy them and that one or two make you smile! 

As time goes on we’ll grow it together.

Let’s have some fun!!!!


Boy w - Baloon

Name the Character and……

WIN a free “MND Cartoonization”

This dude needs a name, yes and his little dog to.

Please submit your entries to contests@franksgame.com

Go ahead and submit more than one….

Drawing will be held on March 12, 2013

No, please do not name the balloon, that would be wrong and with Todd around it may just be dangerous?________________________________________________________________

Fun Links





“Dr. Seuss Biography”



Another subject






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